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Changing light bulbs in an office corridor


Factors to consider

  • Height - the fittings are suspended from the roof at a height of 3m
  • The equipment needs to be free-standing as it cannot be supported.
  • The floor is smooth, clean and dry.
  • Access is restricted as it's via a standard double doorway.
  • Work duration - the work is expected to be of short duration as it involves removing a cover and changing the bulb.
  • The time between equipment movements is short.
  • The activity is indoors so we don't need to consider the weather!
  • Work activity is expected to be 'light' as it only involves removing a cover and changing the bulb.

With all of these conditions, the access equipment that could be considered includes, a step ladder of podium steps.

Please note that when using this type of equipment in an area frequently used by the public the area should be cordoned on in some way eg cones etc to make the area safe. If possible any building maintenance work should be undertaken when buildings are closed to the workforce and general public.

HSE's key message : Ladders should only be used for low-risk, short-duration work. Always check your ladder before you use it and know how to use it. All access equipment should be used by a competent person in its erection/use/dismantling or operation.

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