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Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) boom multi user

Man on a MEWP

HSE key message is that you must be competent to operate such equipment and not exceed the safe working load as specified by the manufacturer.

Because of the greater variety of movement in a boom type MEWP, there is the greater risk of falling from its platform due to sudden movements caused by an impact, ground movement, failure of a stability critical part, or overreaching.

The wearing of appropriate fall protection equipment can provide protection against the residual risk of falling, or being thrown out of the carrier. However, when working next to water, a harness should not be worn due to the risk of drowning if the MEWP falls into the water. Life jackets should be worn instead.

These types of MEWPs, commonly known as cherry pickers, are designed to work in a variety of planes such that they can evade obstacles by deviating from the vertical plane. They come in a variety of sizes, boom reaches, traction set-ups and offer quick and easy access to working at height.

They can be vehicle mounted, self propelled or trailer mounted. The working platform allows for more than one worker to work from the platform at the same time.

Due to the multiple positioning capability of the boom, a clearance area should be established around the work area so that the boom does not hit any obstacle, or is at risk of being hit by passing vehicles.

Possible hire cost: in the region of £500 per week

Set up time 5-10 minutes

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