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Don't let a fall shatter your life

'Since 2001, an average of 50 people in Great Britain have died each year as a result of a fall from height and a further 8,702 are seriously injured. Don't let a fall shatter your life!

If you don't work at height very often or are unsure about which type of access equipment to use, it's important that you assess the risks and select the right equipment for the job. WAIT - (Work at height Access equipment Information Toolkit) shows you some possible solutions.

How will WAIT help me?

WAIT has been developed to help you understand the key issues when working at height and the factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate and safest type of access equipment.

Does WAIT cover all work at height tasks?

NO! It does not take into account specialised types of work. For advice on working on fragile roofs see HSG33 and INDG284 [PDF].
For advice on rope access techniques contact IRATA.

Important information

Any work at height should be;

  1. Properly planned
  2. Appropriately supervised and
  3. Not carried out in dangerous weather conditions.

If you're going to work at height you should be competent enough to;

  1. Complete the task safely and
  2. use or erect/dismantle the selected access equipment

If you are still being trained you should be supervised by a competent person.