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Fixed scaffold

Fixed scaffolding - image courtesy of NASC

HSE key message is that erecting and dismantling of scaffolding must only be done by trained and competent scaffolders.

  • There should be safe access to the scaffold. As a minimum this should be a tied ladder with 3 rungs projecting above the step off at the platform level to provide a handhold ie the equivalent of at least 1.0 metre.
  • You should never adjust scaffolding unless you are a trained and competent scaffold erector.
  • You should ensure there are no gaps in guard rails and toe boards forming edge protection through which either anyone could fall or an object be dropped onto people below.
  • You must have a safe system for lifting any materials up to the working height.

Possible hire cost: fixed scaffold cost depends on specification.

Set-up time: likely to be a day minimum for erection and a day for dismantling for any sizable structure.

When necessary, scaffolding can be designed as freestanding and therefore does not need to be tied into a fixed structure. However, a freestanding scaffold should be designed by calculation, by a competent person, to ensure it will have adequate strength and stability.

Fixed Scaffolding (tube and fitting or system scaffolding) is covered by NASC. More information:

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