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Health and safety welding resources - Links

  • Cylinders in Fires - A free leaflet published by British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA)
  • Online RPE selector tool - Developed by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives. Tips for getting the right result from this tool:
    • You will be asked if the “substance generated as a by-product during the task/process”. Welding fume is classed as a by-product.
    • For ‘process generated substances’ you are asked to select an amount of substance (medium or large). The amount refers to the amount of fume not the weight of the parts being worked on. The ‘amount’ of fume you will have will be partly related to the welding technique (MIG produces more fume that TIG).
    • The tool does not specifically show welding visors however when it recommends Type 4 or 5 (fan powered respirators) you should read this as a recommendation to use welding visors with built-in powered air purification
Updated 2017-09-08