Customise and print posters

Step 1: Choose your poster

Select one of our 7 designs below. Click on an image to customise your poster. (Please note that the posters are in Adobe Acrobat 7 format. If you cannot display Acrobat 7 files, please use the 'Acrobat 5 Version' link underneath the image.)

See it? Sort it! - Slip risks [56 kb PDF]
Slip risk poster - Suitable for any industry.
Poster 2 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version
See it? Sort it! - Trip risks [62 kb PDF]
Trip risk poster - Suitable for any industry.
Poster 1 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version
Brick trip (construction)  [369 kb PDF]
Construction poster - You're a brick if you look out for your colleagues.
Poster 3 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version

Cooking oil slip (catering)  [161 kb PDF]
Catering poster - Here's some food for thought.
Poster 4 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version

Box trip (manufacturing) [188 kb PDF]
Factory (manufacturing) poster - Take some industrial action.
Poster 5 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version

Orange juice slip (retail) [160 kb PDF]
Retail poster - Get a little retail therapy.
Poster 6 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version

Mop slip (NHS/nursing) [170 kb PDF]
Health services poster - Everyone's a picture of health.
Poster 7 - Adobe Acrobat 5 version

Step 2: Enter the representative's details

Make your colleagues aware of whom they need to contact about slip and trip hazards. Enter your company's Health & Safety representative's details in the fields at the foot of the poster you choose to print. (Please note that if you have downloaded an Acrobat 5 version you will not be able to do this. Please print off the poster and write into the appropriate fields.)

Step 3: Print off your poster

Once you have customised your poster, you can print it directly from your desktop

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