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Step 3: Evaluate the risks – Explore problems and develop solutions - Further information

"Feeling is that despite difficulties the focus group approach has worked well and feedback from staff has been very good."
Government Department

"What would you do differently? Realise that improvements are driven by 'bottom-up' methods of change."
Sandwell Local Authority

The above quotations reinforce those highlighted on other pages of this web site that the Management Standards approach works best when all groups of employees are involved. Feedback indicates that many of the issues identified in focus groups are quite small and relate to local issues. The issues identified, in many instances, relate to existing policies and procedures that for whatever reason are not working as designed. If this is the case, fixing these policies and procedures can be quite simple and involve little cost. It can also provide an opportunity for some ‘quick-wins’ that will demonstrate that the organisation has listened to the concerns of employees and taken action.

Further information on setting up focus groups [PDF, 94KB] is available.

Updated 2012-12-04