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Planning the project - Further information

"More planning at the beginning of the project to fully understand what is required when using the Management Standards approach."
Project leader, University

As with any work activity a little planning can go a long way to ensuring a smoother journey towards a successful conclusion. At first glance, the Management Standards approach can appear to be a strictly linear approach, step 1 followed by step 2 etc. However, on closer examination of the sub-tasks required to complete each step there are some activities that can overlap or be carried out in parallel, with the potential to reduce the timescales and resources required to follow the approach.

Within the Management Standards approach there are two activities which have, in some organisations, caused delays these are: data collection & analysis associated with step 2 and, running focus groups associated with step 3. In this instance, the activities cannot be carried out in parallel as the output from the data analysis, is a key input to the focus groups. However, the planning for the focus groups can be carried out in advance. Activities associated with focus groups that need to be considered in advance include, but are not limited to, the following:

Updated 2012-12-04