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Steering groups - Further information

"If a structured steering group is used to drive the project resources can be kept to a reasonable level."
Wrexham Borough Council

As stated previously, there is no one right way to organise and structure a steering group, the structure adopted will be dependent on your organisational structure. In large organisations it can be difficult for one steering group to lead/manage the process across the whole organisation. In this situation some organisations have set up sub-groups that can drive the process in their section of the organisation and report back to a high level group that oversees the whole process. Obviously, if an organisation can utilise existing structures and working groups then the process can be managed with the minimum of additional resources.

Feedback form users of the Management Standards approach has highlighted the need to ensure those who are members of a steering group firstly, want to be there and secondly, want to make an active contribution. Unfortunately, these criteria have not always been met. In some instances steering groups have been assembled based on job title only and have failed to function due to poor attendance at meetings and poor motivation of the members. This situation can and has resulted in one person on the steering group taking on the responsibility for all the actions and the day-today running of the process in addition to the normal job function. Such a situation represents a significant risk to the successful outcome of the process and measures should be taken to ensure such a situation does not arise.

Updated 2012-12-04