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Trade union representative or staff association

This page is for safety advisers, safety representatives and full time union employees who represent staff

Key messages

  • Experience of working with organisations has demonstrated that the active participation of union & employee representatives is a critical component in delivering improvements in employee health & well being.
  • The role you play as a union or employee representative is crucial to the successful implementation of the Management Standards approach in your organisation. There are many areas where you can have a positive influence.
  • The Management Standards approach is a participative one that requires the views of all employee groups to be considered at the appropriate stage in the process. To ensure adequate engagement with all groups of employees requires you to work jointly with others in your organisation to communicate and engage with all employee groups.

See how work related stress can affect people and some of the action that you can ask employers to take that can help. Watch the following videos, which are based on real cases.

Your role in the Management Standards

Your role with individuals

Exercises for health and safety representatives

Updated 2011-01-04