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Human Resource Manager

Human Resource staff are often on the front line in dealing with cases of work related stress – especially in liaison with line managers and occupational health – and dealing with associated attendance management issues. HR staff are also responsible for the generation and maintenance of many of the relevant policies and procedures that apply to this issue. You will be instrumental in preparing the organisation to run the Management Standards process.

Key messages

  • Cases of Work related stress can be prevented as well as managed. Active case management can affect early and successful return to work.
  • The Management Standards can help you control sickness absence, staff turnover and will help with recruitment and retention. The Standards have also been found useful in structuring return to work interviews and programmes.
  • Much of the data collected by HR systems and procedures can be used to inform the Management Standards process. Often your existing policies and procedures can be used or adapted to do something equivalent to it.
  • Risk assessment will highlight where your existing policies and procedures might not be working as effectively as they might be, and also where data collection systems might be improved.
  • Using the Management Standards, or an equivalent approach, will demonstrate that you are serious about tackling the problem and are meeting your legal requirements.
  • Working actively in collaboration with occupational health and health and safety can have a particularly beneficial effect on outcomes.

Your role in the Management Standards

The HSE has developed a number of useful aids to help you with these tasks. Access these tools

Your role with individuals

Updated 2012-12-05