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Board Director/Chief Executive Officer

This page is for people in senior positions.

Those at board and equivalent levels are key to promoting individual and organisational health and well-being. The expressed or implicitly transmitted beliefs and attitudes of directors and the senior management team will set the tone and culture of the organisation especially when sensitive issues are addressed – particularly stress and mental health.

Key messages

  • Everyone in your organisation has a responsibility for tackling Work related stress.
  • By leadership you can set the culture of the organisation to recognise that organisational and individual health are key components of business performance.
  • Many employers underestimate the extent to which employees are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and other forms of mental illness. Often there is unintentional discrimination and stigmatisation against sufferers.
  • There is a strong business case for promoting mental health and well-being and minimise work related stress.
  • Most organisations will have stress related problems, even if they do not call them that. The key is to find out, in a systematic way, where the problems are, and how and why they are happening.
  • You will already have measures in place to tackle work related stress and be doing many of the parts of the process we describe. The Management Standards process provides a method by which required change can take place, and a standard to measure performance against.

Your role in the Management Standards

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Your role with individuals

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Updated 2011-01-04