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Work related stress - Research and statistics

Key HSE research publications on stress can be accessed via this page. Reports are listed in chronological order. For information on research projects currently underway, please contact us.

Statistical information

Statistical information is available from HSE's stress statistics page. This includes reports from the annual Psychosocial Working Conditions surveys 2004-07, in addition to further detail on stress incidence, prevalence and resultant working days lost, taken from the annual Labour Force Survey.

HSE Management Standards and stress-related work outcomes

Paper produced to assess the impact of the Management Standards on work related stress outcomes. Produced for and published by the Society of Occupational Medicine. The research paper aimed to investigate the relationship between the HSE MS and the following stress-related work outcomes: 'job satisfaction', job-related anxiety and depression and errors/near misses.

A summary of the evidence

These two papers describe the evidence behind our approach to tackling stress and the development and validation of the Management Standards.

Both of these reports have also been published in the international journal Work and Stress 2004, vol. 18, no.2

A summary of the evidence of the need to evaluate line management competency

Research has shown that one of the major causes of work related stress is the impact of managers and their skills to manage staff and stress in the work place. The following reports describe the evidence behind the creation of tools that help managers to evaluate their skills and identify whether their behaviours promote stress or help to minimise and resolve stress:

Workplace interventions for people with common mental health problems

This systematic review is designed to provide evidence-based answers on key questions related to mental ill health in the workplace. It is intended to assist managers, occupational health professionals and other interested parties in making management decisions and offering advice.

Attitudes, opinions and experiences of attendees at the ISMAUK stress workshops 2004

This report summarises the results of telephone research undertaken on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive between 10 June and 24 June 2005, involving attendees at workshops organised by the International Stress Management Association UK during November and December 2004 to introduce HSE's new Management Standards for work related stress.

HSE contract research reports on work related stress

Those who want more detail may be interested in the following set of full research reports.

To access all of HSE's research reports search the research site.