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Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool

Research sponsored by the HSE, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and Investors in People has identified the management behaviours that are important for preventing and reducing stress in staff; it shows that effective stress management requires a complementary set of management behaviours, which may differ in importance depending on the context and individuals involved.

The Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work framework is designed to enable you to support managers to prevent and reduce stress in their teams - without actually increasing the workload, and therefore the stress, upon the line managers themselves. The Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool enables managers to assess whether these stress management behaviours are part of their repertoire or not, and identify any gaps in skills or behaviours. You can use this information to seek targeted help and guidance.

You could consider using the 'Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work' framework and particularly the ‘Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool ' in a number of ways, for example:

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Updated 2012-12-04