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Getting started – a 10 point checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to start the process of implementing the Management Standards.

  1. Understand what the Management Standards, and the associated processes, are
  2. Consider if there is already a suitable and sufficient equivalent process or system being used within the organisation
  3. Decide what approach you want to take, i.e. are you going to follow the Management Standards or a suitable and sufficient equivalent approach.
  4. Gain commitment to the process from senior managers, including commitment to resources.
  5. Gain commitment to the process from employees and their representatives.
  6. Set up a steering group and decide on a project champion.
  7. Develop a project plan.
  8. Secure adequate resources, particularly staff time.
  9. Develop a communication/employee engagement plan.
  10. If required, develop an organisational stress policy.

When you have done this you are ready to move on to the Five steps of the Management Standards

Updated 2017-07-27