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Dealing with my personal issues

Stress can be an unnoticed and gradual build up of the many pressures experienced in work, at home and in everyday life. Most people are able to cope with the big issues in life and can find them exciting but for some they are too demanding or combined with everything else going on, they can become overwhelming, resulting in stress.

Stress effects people in different ways that can either be dealt with or if not spotted or understood, or adequately tackled lead to more problems both physical and mental.

The following pages are designed to try to help those suffering from either stress or the mental problems they can lead to. They are not designed to replace expert help and if you think you have a problem it is always advisable to seek the professional help of occupational health professionals, if your employer has that facility, or your GP.

There are also lots of organisations that give help support and guidance and some of these are described in the pages too.

Occupational Health for employees

Find out more about stress or mental health issues

Updated 2015-03-26