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Supporting small employers

Supporting Small Employers

Reaching micro and small businesses can be difficult, but not impossible. Working together, much has already been done to help small businesses, but there are opportunities to work smarter. Already many large businesses and intermediaries have developed efficient supply chains and productive relationships by working with and supporting small businesses.

Many organisations also provide free help and support to SMEs outside their supply chains through cross-sector initiatives.

For SMEs, managing workplace risks shouldn’t be complicated or costly. Making support available which is quick and easy for small businesses to understand, so that they can fulfil their obligations, remains a challenge for all sectors.

It will also be important to identify who the key influencers are for SMEs, working with them to raise awareness levels about the peer and expert support that is out there.

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Case study: Estates Excellence

Estates Excellence has helped more than 6500 British small businesses better understand and manage their health and safety risks. Through the scheme, large employers, regulators and organisations such as local fire and police services have worked together to provide bespoke, free support to small businesses on industrial estates with high levels of accidents and ill health.

Estates Excellence has now trained well over 6000 people and has helped small businesses learn from the knowledge and experience of other businesses.

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