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‘Helping Great Britain work well’ sees people from businesses, industry bodies and HSE all taking responsibility for protecting workers and preventing Ill health and injury.

Helping Great Britain work well is showcasing ‘commitments’ from people and companies from all over the country playing their part by delivering a health and safety initiative which helps Britain work well.

What is a commitment?

A Helping Great Britain work well commitment demonstrates ownership of health and safety within an organisation.

It recognises good business practice and a commitment to protecting workers and preventing ill health.

It’s a way of sharing what your organisation is doing to look after the health and safety of workers and growing your reputation as a leader in the area.

By sharing your commitment you help others to stay safe and well and help Great Britain work well.

The benefits of making a commitment

Good risk management is good for workers and good for business.

We’ll highlight you and your commitment by sharing your experience with the Helping Great Britain work well community on websites, social media, publications and conferences.

You’ll be recognised for your good work. You’ll also help to promote good health and safety practice and help others to take advantages of what works well.

Successful organisations understand that sensible and proportionate risk management is integral to delivering their business. It supports growth, enables innovation and protects an organisation’s most vital asset, its people.

Commitments make you stand out as a leader, grows your good reputation and gives you every chance of receiving recognition from your peers and the wider health and safety community.

What's involved?

You can help Great Britain to Work Well by making a commitment and sharing your example of good practice that can be used as a case studies for others to learn from.

We are looking for examples of innovation and good practice in one of these themes:

  • acting together
  • tackling ill health
  • managing risk well
  • supporting small employers
  • keeping pace with change
  • sharing our success

You submit your commitment using a short form. It will be assessed by an influential panel of reviewers.

When your commitment is approved we’ll ask you to provide updates along your journey showing what you are doing, and how it is making a difference to workplace health or safety.

How to make a commitment

Any organisation, company, business, professional body or union can make a commitment.

You can make yours at any time by submitting your commitment online. Each commitment is reviewed by sector/industry specialists within HSE before being shared with the commitments community.

Get involved

Explore the commitments already made, find out more information, or make your own commitment: