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Acting together

Acting Together

Health and safety should not be a responsibility assigned to a particular individual or part of an organisation, but an integral part of everyone’s role. There needs to be much broader ownership of the issues. This means engaging everyone who shares the responsibility for helping Great Britain work well, because they have a vital role in managing risk and preventing damage to individuals, businesses and the economy.

Across each nation, region or sector, we need collective ownership that best reflects local circumstances. The regulators will retain their key roles, providing targeted advice and guidance for key audience groups and taking enforcement action when and where necessary. Encouraging others to take ownership of health and safety will be critical in making this theme successful. This means everyone collaborating to reach those who may have been less engaged.

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Case study: Powering improvement in the energy industries

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the voice of the electricity networks in Great Britain. ENA, Energy UK and four trade unions with support from HSE, launched their Powering Improvement initiative with the purpose of making the energy industry world leaders in health and safety performance.

A review highlighted both the challenge and progress in achieving reductions in the number of incidents and injuries and the initiative helped contribute to a 40% reduction in fatal, major and lost-time incidents.

Powering Improvement provides an overarching framework of support to individual company programmes and is proving effective in helping achieve the further step change required in the drive towards leading performance.

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