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Health and Social Care sector

Each year in the Health and Social Care1 sector around...

...5% of workers suffer from an
illness they believe to be

5% of people suffer from an illness that they believe to be work-related totalling 186,000-37% of which are musculoskeletal disorders, 46% stress, depression and anxiety, and the rest being other illnesses

...and 2% of workers sustain a
work-related injury...

and 2% of workers, totaling 86,000 sustained non-fatal workplace injuries.

...leading to

5.7 million working days lost, of which 2.9 million are from work-related stress, 1.5 million from other work-related conditions, 0.6 million work-related musculoskeletal disorders and 0.7 millions days workplace injury





1 Health and Social Care sector defined as Section Q in the 2007 Standard Industrial Classification

Updated 2016-02-11