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Work-related ill health and occupational disease in Great Britain

12,000 Lung disease deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposures at work

1.4 million workers suffering from work-related ill health (new or long-standing) in 2017/18 (LFS)

Occupational lung diseases contributing to estimated annual current deaths

Graph showing stress depression and anxiety is the leading type of work-related ill health

Source: Estimates from epidemiological information including burden of occupational cancer research

New and long-standing cases of work-related ill health by type, 2017/18

Graph showing their is an even split in cases of work-related ill health by gender

Source: LFS self-reported estimates

Work-related ill health per 100,000 workers - new and long-standing

Grtaph showing there is a broadly flat trend in recent years for the rate of work-related ill health per 100,000 workers

Source: LFS self-reported estimates


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Updated 2019-07-03