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Asbestos related disease

Statistics for the four main diseases associated with exposure to asbestos fibres are summarised in the following pages:

The latest figures for diseases associated with occupational exposure to asbestos many years ago, are summarised in the following table*.

Deaths from mesothelioma in 2014 2515
Deaths from asbestosis without mention of mesothelioma in 2014 431
Newly assessed cases of asbestosis for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) in 2015 1175
Newly assessed cases of diffuse pleural thickening for IIDB in 2015 430 
Estimated number of cases of non-malignant pleural disease reported to specialist physicians in 2015 564

*In addition it is estimated that there are currently about as many asbestos-related lung cancer deaths each year as there are mesothelioma deaths.

Updated 2016-10-03