The 3 ramp tests outlined in British and European standards

DIN 51130
A German standard that uses a cleated work boot and oil. A common problem is interpreting the data produced. It is presented as a scale running from R9 (the most slippery) to R13 (the least slippery). It is a common misconception that the scale starts at R1.

DIN 51097
A German standard that tests slip resistance of flooring in barefoot conditions using soapy water as a contaminant. Results are presented in a scale running A (most slippery), B, C (least slippery).

HSL ramp test
The HSL ramp test forms the basis for the British Standard (BS 4592) and uses footwear soled with slider 96 rubber and clean water as a contaminant. Results are presented as CoF (co-efficient of friction). A version of this test can be used to test footwear.

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