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Element 3: Planning and undertaking workplace adjustments

The guidance contained here was first published in 2004 and therefore makes no reference to the Fit Note. The majority of the guidance contained herein remains relevant, although readers will need to keep in mind the existence of the Fit Note in applying any potential recommendations.


Have you worked with your employee to plan for and undertake any workplace adjustments to aid their return to work?

Key issues

The purpose of workplace adjustments is to:

Becoming disability aware

Workplace Adjustments

Risk assessment

Health and safety law requires that you undertake risk assessments of your activities to prevent people being harmed. You will need to review and possibly amend risk assessments if:

Communication Point

Throughout all stages make sure your employee is at the centre of any discussions about what they can do and what adjustments they may need to continue working.

Extra Information

Updated 2019-03-08