The Shattered Lives campaign has received a great deal of support from the private sector. Find out how partners are involved in the campaign below or get involved yourself.

Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in the Shattered Lives campaign here are some ways that you could be involved:

  • Sign up for a regular eBulletin updates.
  • Case studies use real accidents or near misses you know about to highlight the issues and show what you have done about it.
  • Meetings and Events when you are involved in meetings or events with staff or managers talk about Shattered Lives and the importance of stopping slips, trip and falls.
  • Website link into the Shattered Lives pages from your website. The pages will be updated regularly.
  • Tell your customers and suppliers Make sure your customers and suppliers know that you care about their health and safety and your staff by telling them what you are doing - put information on your website or produce a leaflet.
  • Tell HSE what you are doing we could list you as a partner or stakeholder and link in to your web site.
  • Posters download and display the campaign posters.
  • Campaign packs there are 5 campaign packs that can be downloaded from HSE website.
  • Magazine articles if you have an in-house magazine make sure you mention the campaign and how your organisation is tackling slips, trips and falls from height risks.

The following organisations are actively supporting Shattered Lives:

Trade Associations

Private sector partners


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