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Scottish Government

Working with the devolved administration

Reserved matters, like preventing work-related accidents and ill health, and devolved matters, like employers' promoting healthy lifestyles, are closely linked; the Scottish Government therefore has the power and resources to act in many areas of HSE interest; and equally, HSE's activities impact on the Scottish Government's aims. The Scottish Government is also a major health and safety duty-holder itself, and funder of some areas of Scottish public services and all of health services which altogether employ 1 in 5 of the working population in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has responsibility for almost all areas of private sector employment, including industry, agriculture, and construction. Most public sector bodies are also devolved (NHS, local authorities and blue light services). Work with relevant Scottish Government ministers, officials and agencies is important to HSE in developing strong stakeholder relationships and policy oversight of overlapping issues. The Scottish Government also has a role in promoting the business benefits of health and safety.

HSE in Scotland responds to MSPs (and Scottish MPs) who write to us on constituency matters. Regular assistance is provided in response to requests from Scottish Government officials on Scottish Ministerial cases and Scottish Parliamentary Questions.

The concordat between the Scottish Executive and HSE was published in 1999 as a guide to working relationships. This is now due for review – although the principles still hold true.

Updated: 2015-07-17