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Improving health and safety in Scottish construction industry

A quarter of construction sites in Scotland visited by the Health and Safety Executive in a March 2010 initiative, failed safety inspections. Inspectors in our construction division checked 376 contractors at 276 construction sites as part of a month-long initiative aimed at stopping dangerous working practices on building sites across Scotland. They issued 82 enforcement notices at 77 sites, either stopping work immediately or requiring improvements to be made. The majority (62) of the notices covered unsafe work being carried out at height.

Construction is one of Britain's most dangerous industries. During 2008/09 10 workers died and 1,423 were injured while working on construction sites in Scotland. The inspection initiative focused on refurbishment, including roofing work, to ensure that sites are in good order and are managing these tasks safely. Falls from height remains one of the most common causes of fatalities and major injuries in the construction sector in Great Britain, with more than five incidents recorded every day.

HSE has produced simple information sheets aimed at helping small construction sites comply with the law. More information on construction safety is available at Health and safety in the construction industry. Specific information on managing the risk of falls from height is available at Shattered Lives - construction.

Updated 2015-03-05