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RR113 - Operational safety of FPSOs shuttle tanker collision risk summary report

Presents a summary of the observations and recommendations made in the research project "Operational safety of FPSO's." Considers the frequency of collision between a shuttle tanker and the floating production storage and off-loading unit (FPSO) in a tandem off-loading configuration, with the main emphasis on contributions from human and organisational factors. The work has been aimed at a demonstration of the significance of human and organisational factors for the FPSO-shuttle tanker collision risk. Further, important human and organisational [error] factors have been identified and evaluated to determine FPSO/shuttle tanker collision frequencies. Finally, the objective has been to propose potential risk reduction measures relating to human and organisational factors for the FPSO-shuttle tanker collision frequency, and to indicate qualitatively or quantitatively their importance.

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Updated 2010-03-19