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CRR 372/2001 An assessment of measures in use for gas pipelines to mitigate against damage caused by third party activity

The main source of leaks occurring from high-pressure gas transmission pipelines in both the UK and Europe is due to the damage caused by third party activity. In order to be able to predict pipeline failure frequencies for damage caused by third party activity, a computer program entitled PIPIN is used. This study has used two main sources of pipeline failure data; namely the EGIG '97 report and BG Transco's incident database to refine and update the third party activity failure model in the PIPIN program. An extensive literature search has been carried out into the use and effectiveness of third party pipeline damage prevention measures used both in the UK and World-wide. The results of the literature search have been assessed and incorporated into the third party activity failure model where appropriate. The result of the study has been the development of an up-to-date predictive model, which can be used to assess the likelihood of pipeline failure caused by third party activity for existing and proposed pipelines.

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Updated 2010-03-18