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CRR 286/2000
Organisational interventions for work stress - A risk management approach

This report presents a risk management approach to the reduction of work stress, describing its origins, strategies, processes and procedures.It illustrates these through six organisational case studies. It is based on a programme of research and development conducted for the Health and Safety Executive by the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations, University of Nottingham Business School. These case studies cover 11 different occupational groups drawn from 19 risk management projects completed in collaboration with 10 major British companies. The report is written for those competent in occupational health and safety and for informed policy makers, managers and trades unionists interested in that area. Some knowledge of the language and concepts of health and safety has been assumed, although its application to the challenge of work stress is explained. The case studies are deliberately presented in a brief and somewhat more 'journalistic' style to increase their accessibility. Each of the collaborating companies received a technical report on their particular project(s), and the papers of scientific interest are being published through the relevant scientific and professional journals.

This report has been split into two sections the first part contains the main body of the report front he front to page 77 and the second part the case studies from page 77 to the end of the report.

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