HSE Prosecution System

Last Updated: 19 October 2000

Version: P1.0


Simple Search - Overview

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1. A Defendants Name 

2.. Case Summary 

3. Location of Offence

4. Local Authority where Offence Occurred to Find Case Details

5. UK Region 

6. A Defendants Name

7. A Specific Act

8. A Specific Regulation

9. Hearing Date

10. Hearing Result 

11. Court Name 

How to access simple search

Click on Search button searchbutton.gif (1187 bytes) on the Home Page.

Why use simple search?

The simple search enables you to 'quickly' find Cases or Breaches using only one search item e.g. Defendant's name or Address.

This search may return lot of results which match your criteria and will mean browsing the hitlist to locate the case or breach  you're interested in.

How to use simple search?

At step 1 you must decide whether you wish to find cases or breaches. However, cases and 'related' breaches are linked within the system, so you can easily move between the details on either.

simpleintro.gif (11626 bytes)

Dependant upon which option you choose a list of search items is presented at step 2. The searches you can perform for case differ slightly from those for breach. See some of the differences below.

Case Search Items

Breach Search Items

simplecasesearchitems.gif (4186 bytes)

simplebreachsearchitems.gif (3556 bytes)

At step 3 you will be prompted to either enter text or select from a range of values.

If you opted to search for:

Note! To select a case or breach from the list you must click on the case number.

The level of detail returned for a Case search is different from the level of detail for a Breach. Click here to see the differences.

To see examples of simple searches return to the contents list at the top of this page.

When to use advanced search

The advanced search enables you narrow your search of Cases or Breaches by combining two or more search items. 

As well as combining search items, you can choose from a longer list of items.  Additional search items include; Defendant's Address, Activity Code, Main Activity at Location, Total Fine, HSE Area, Court Type and Fine. 

See Using Advanced Search for further information.

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