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Last Updated: 19 October 2000

Version: P1.0


Simple Search - Example 10

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Example 10 -  Find Breaches using Hearing Result 

Use the following steps to find all Breaches with a specific Result E.g. Guilty Fine.

1    On the Home Page, click on Simple Search

2    In the Cases or Breaches  box select Breaches

3    Click on Continue

4    In the Search Item box select Hearing Result.

5    Click on Continue

6    In the Hearing Result list box, select "Guilty Fine".

Simple12.gif (14321 bytes)


Please Note:-

If you change your mind and you wish to search for Breaches or Cases using an alternative criteria, click on start again, which will return you to the Cases or Breaches select box.

7    Click on Go to begin your search.

8    In a few moments, a hit list of Breaches with the Result you selected, is displayed. 

9    Click on the Breach Number to view the Breach in more detailE.g. Hearing Date, Court Name, Result, Fine etc.

10  Use the Back button on the Toolbar, to return to the list of Breaches

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