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Last Updated: 19 October 2000

Version: P1.0


Advanced Search - Example 4

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Example 4 - Find Cases of Offences occurring in a specific town, during the work activity "erection of a roof"  (Uses two search criteria including free text and address information) 

Use the following steps:-

1    On the Home Page, click on Advanced Search

Add your 1st criteria to the search

2    In the Cases or Breaches  box select Cases

3    Click on Continue

4    In the Search Item box select Location of Offence

5    Click on Continue

6    In the Enter (part of) the address fields, type "Birmingham" as the Town.


advancedeg4rev.gif (7756 bytes)


7    Click on Add.

Please Note:

In the Current Search Criteria area, "Searching for Cases where - location of Offence CONTAINS ,,,,,Birmingham,," is displayed.  If you wish to see the results using only this criteria,  then click on Go now.  Click the Back button on the Toolbar to return to your search.



Add your 2nd criteria to the search

8    In the Additional criteria condition box select AND.

9    Click on Continue.

10  In the Search Item box, select main work activity where offence occurred.

11  Click on Continue.

12  In the Enter (part of) the main work activity Box, type Erection of Roof.

13  Click on Add.

14   Within the Current Search Criteria area, check that all the search criteria are listed as follows:-

Searching for Cases where -

"location of Offence CONTAINS ,,,,,Birmingham,," 

AND "main work activity where offence occurred LIKE Erection of Roof"


If you see a mistake, you can either click on Start Again, which clears all the search criteria or use the Back button on the Toolbar to move back a step at a time.

15  Click on Go within the "Current Search Criteria" area to start the Search and find the Results.

16   In a few moments, a hit list of Cases resulting from Offences in Birmingham, where the main work activity included Erection of Roof, is displayed. 

Please Note:-

         If you want to find Cases or Breaches for other Industries or work activities, you can use the Industry Search.

17  Click on the Case Number to view the Case in more detail E.g. Offence Date, Total Fine, Location of Offence and HSE Details.

18  Use the Back button on the Toolbar, to return to the list of Cases

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