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HSE calls for sense check over 'health and safety' children allotment ban

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"We will defy Wem allotment ban say nursery pair" - Shropshire Star, 31 August 2012
Response date:
03 September 2012

Dear Editor

Reasons of 'health and safety' have apparently been used by the council in taking a decision to stop children visiting an allotment in Wem ('We will defy Wem allotment ban say nursery pair', 31 August 2012). However, I just want to make clear that that there is nothing in health and safety law which would prevent them doing so. There is some indication that the measures taken to safeguard the children at the site presents an inconvenience to others, so it would be better if this matter could be resolved by trying to find a solution which is acceptable to all parties rather than denying children an enjoyable learning experience.

This case was one that was taken up by our Myth Busters Challenge Panel and we'd encourage anybody who believes that health and safety is being used as a reason to stop perfectly reasonable activities to submit details to us. All the findings are published on our website

Yours faithfully

Rosi Edwards
Regional Director
Health and Safety Executive

Updated 2012-03-09