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HSE responds to The Telegraph article - "Country Diary: Squirrels put on a wonderful show"

"Country Diary: Squirrels put on a wonderful show" - The Telegraph, 21 January 2012
Response date:
27 January 2012

Dear Sir,

Robin Page's Country Diary (Weekend, 21 January) carried the tangled tale of Sarah Jenkins' smallholding, Mayfields. Somewhere in untangling the story, it seems Mr Page has been provided with the wrong facts about the Health and Safety Executive view of the risks involved.

Broadlands District Council used the HSE online tool for generating advice to planning authorities. In most cases this does not advise against developments, but for Mayfields it did. We always offer to discuss these cases if they arise and we did so here. We agreed that the advice was anomalous and we offered to discuss the application further with the Council. We made it clear that we saw no need to advise against the planning application. Sanity and common sense prevailed.

Yours faithfully,

David Snowball
Director of Hazardous Installations

Updated 2012-08-02