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HSE response to letter in Safety and Health Practitioner

"Signs of shift in prosecution policy from employees to those at the top" - SHP, 21 May 2012
Response date:
6 July 2012

Dear Editor,

Contrary to Lee Hughes' claims, there has been no change in HSE's prosecution policy (Signs of a shift in prosecution policy to target those at the top, SHP June).

While there will always be variation in the numbers prosecuted each year for any offence, it is wrong to suggest that HSE is deliberately targeting senior managers or their employees.

We investigate incidents and where there is evidence of criminal failings and it is in the public interest to do, we bring prosecutions. This is set out clearly in the enforcement policy on our website, and has not changed.

Yours faithfully,

David Ashton
Director of Field Operations

Updated 2012-06-07