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HSE responds to The Mirror article on health inspector cuts

"Will work be the death of you? Workers exposed to dangers because of savage health inspectors cuts" - The Mirror, 2 October 2012
Response date:
2 October 2012

Dear Editor,

The way the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspects occupational health has changed considerably in the last 20 years (Mirror, page 2, 2 October).

HSE's doctors and occupational health inspectors now work with many other specialists - including those from HSE's Health and Safety Laboratory - in contributing to reducing risks to health in the workplace. These include industrial hygienists, noise and vibration specialists, ergonomists, psychologists, health scientists and other experts from a variety of backgrounds.

The number of Occupational Physicians and Inspectors quoted by Prospect also does not take into consideration HSE's use of external specialists, nor the fact that HSE has changed the way it carries out its duties in relation to occupational health issues.

Occupational health remains an important part of HSE's work and it is wrong to claim otherwise.

Yours faithfully,

Geoffrey Podger
Chief Executive

Updated 2012-10-02