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HSE responds to The Telegraph article - "Using ladder to remove wasp nest 'too dangerous', says council"

"Using ladder to remove wasp nest 'too dangerous', says council" - The Telegraph, 23 May 2011
Response date:
24 May 2011

Dear Sir,

Dealing with wasps' nests requires the application of common sense by everyone involved - to decide how to do the job as quickly and safely as possible, whether on the ground floor or up in the eaves.

One the reasons we need common sense is that there are no prescriptive rules on how the job can be done. All options are open, including ladders and extendable poles.

It's the 'can do' attitude which enables common problems to be dealt with - and missions to the moon. Health and safety doesn't get in the way: the stinging criticism should be directed at the jobsworths not us!

Yours sincerely

Judith Hackitt
Health and Safety Executive

Updated 2012-01-13