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HSE responds to Sunday Times article - "Oi no painting in the street - that easel's a death trap"

"Oi no painting in the street - that easel's a death trap" - Sunday Times, 27 March 2011
Response date:
31 March 2011

Dear Mr Howard

I read your interview with Sian Griffiths in the Sunday Times (27 March 2011) with great interest.

I share your dismay with the petty limitations and restrictions with which some seem intent on burdening those of us who just want to get on with living our lives. I would be interested to know whether there is any real or valid reason for the restrictions you continue to encounter, because I can promise you they have absolutely nothing to do with health and safety.

Real health and safety is about dealing with risks that are likely to cause serious harm or even death to those in workplaces. I would urge you to challenge those jobsworths who persist in devaluing the real and important stuff by using "elf 'n' safety" as an easy excuse for spoiling everyone else's enjoyment.

Judith Hackitt CBE FREng
Chair, Health and Safety Executive

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Updated 2012-01-13