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HSE responds to BBC Look North (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

BBC Look North (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) - 5 October 2011
Response date:
6 October 2011

Coverage appeared on 5 October 2011, with a school official blaming a skirt ban on health and safety. David Hampson, the Tollbar Academy chief executive said: "There is a health and safety issue in this day and age with young ladies and very, very short skirts."

HSE Chair Judith Hackitt responded with: "This is one of the worst examples we've seen of health and safety being used in completely the wrong context. There is nothing in health and safety legislation that allows schools to ban hemlines that aren't to a school's liking. Child protection and avoiding the sexualisation of young girls is important but it is a very different matter to preventing death, injury and ill health in the workplace which is what health and safety legislation aims to do. There are too many examples of health and safety being blatantly used as an excuse and we will continue to challenge it at every turn."

The story about school skirts on the BBC website was then updated to include the HSE comment

Updated 2011-06-10