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HSE responds to Daily Record article - "Orchestral man hoovers in the dark...unplugged"

Dear Sir,

After reading 'Orchestral Man Hoovers in the Dark' (21 March, p18), it is evident that Kris Lennox has a particular flair for the creative.

But it is wrong to say that the Health and Safety Executive has attempted to ban his show. Our focus is on tackling real safety risks, for example on construction sites and oilrigs.

HSE has long maintained that concert goers make a personal choice to expose themselves to loud - and sometimes discordant - noises. Mr Lennox' complaint about official warnings owes more to good PR than good health and safety.

While his insurers might insist on disclaimers and waivers, and audiences will no doubt appreciate an understanding of what sort of performances he has in store, there are no health and safety regulations to fetter his creativity. We wish him all success in his artistic endeavours.

Yours sincerely

Cameron Adam
HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety
HSE Entertainment & Leisure Sector
Mercantile Chambers
53 Bothwell Street
G2 6TS

Updated 2012-01-13