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Daily Peterborough Times article: 'The implementation of health and safety should not be big business'

Geoffrey Podger, HSE's Chief Executive responds

The Editor
Evening Telegraph Peterborough
New Priestgate House
57 Priestgate
Peterborough PE1 1JW

8 February 2008


The claim (PET, 5 February) that the number of health and safety regulations has soared in the last 18 years misrepresents the facts. Following a review in the early 1990s, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) actually reduced its legislative stock by around 40%. A similar exercise was carried out in 2004, removing old, out-of-date regulations. In reality, most new health and safety legislation introduced in the last 18 years has been specific to certain industries, and amendment regulations to existing legislation. HSE is very keen not to impose disproportionate and unnecessary burdens on business and it is right to be wary of consultants who exaggerate the real requirements on companies.

Yours faithfully

Geoffrey Podger
Chief Executive
Health and Safety Executive
Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge
London SE1 9HS

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