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The Daily Express article "It's a pantomime for Clegg"

Judith Hackitt, Health and Safety Commission Chair, responds

I read with interest in today's Express that Nick Clegg ("Its a pantomime as Clegg puts safety first to star on stage", February 14) will be appearing in pantomime in Sheffield in the role of a health and safety officer.

I hope that his scriptwriters will be modelling his character as a helpful 'Buttons' type, rather than the villain of the piece. However, in the event that the character displays the more usual inaccurate stereotype of health and safety by muttering little more than "Oh no you can't", we would urge the people of Sheffield who understand our real purpose to respond loudly with "Oh yes you can!"

Real Health and Safety is about saving lives, managing risk and enabling people to enjoy themselves not stopping fun. The real villains are those who hide behind 'elf & safety' as an excuse.

Judith Hackitt
Chair, Health and Safety Commission
Rose Court,
2 Southwark Bridge Road

Updated 2012-09-11