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The Times article: "Government plc"

Geoffrey Podger HSE's Chief Executive responds - 08 April 2006

The Editor
The Times
1 Pennington Street

5 May 2006


The 'Atticus' column, Sunday Times 30 April 2006, is both factually innacurate and completely missed the point. HSE is not seeking to recruit '37,000 office snitches'. The worker involvement programme is designed to get workers and employers to talk to each other to solve problems without the recourse of the regulator.

The programme enables companies to solve their problems at source, protect their workers, and increase their productivity. An estimaed 10bn every year is lost to the economy through work-related accidents and ill health. It is in the interests of everyone to see this reduced.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Podger


Updated 2010-05-10