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The Daily Mail article: "A nation crippled by elf'n safety"

Geoffrey Podger, HSE's Chief Executive, responds - 15 April 2006

The Editor
Daily Mail
Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street

Dear Sir

Leo McKinstry's article of 15 April 2006 misses the point as far as the Health and Safety Commission and Executive is concerned. Of course we agree with him that others can overdo health and safety precautions and bring an excellent concept into disrepute. Our resources however are focussed on dealing with preventing deaths and injuries in the workplace and from work. We make no apology for taking the view that we should try and head off the scope for such cases before they occur, whether they relate to physical causes or stress. In 2004/05 alone we had 220 fatal injuries and over 150,000 serious injuries to employees and there is no basis for any of us to be complacent. Our experience is that both responsible employers and trade unionists, who are jointly well represented on the Commission, fully share this objective.

Yours faithfully

Geoffrey Podger
Chief Executive

Updated 2012-01-13