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The Independent article: "Shooting people is both unhealthy and unsafe"

Colin Douglas, Director of Communcations, responds - 19 July 2006

The Editor
The Independent 19 July 2006


Mark Steel's feature 'Shooting people is both unhealthy and unsafe' is predicated on his - mistaken - belief that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is prosecuting the police for the death of Mr Jean Charles de Menezes.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) made clear in its statement on Monday that the circumstances of Mr Menezes' death were investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Its evidence was passed to the CPS who made the decision to take a prosecution under health and safety law.

HSE took no part in either the investigation, or the CPS decision, and we do not expect to be involved in the conduct of the legal proceedings.

Colin Douglas
Director of Communcations
Health and Safety Executive

Updated 2012-02-03