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The Evening Standard article by Neil Collins on HSE Better Backs campaign

Geoffrey Podger, HSE's Chief Executive, responds - 12 October 2006

The Editor
Evening Standard
PO Box 2309
W8 5EE

16 October 2006

Dear Sir

Your correspondent Neil Collins (12 October) can indeed be reassured that I am 'minding my back' in the context of our current very successful publicity campaign to reduce back problems at work. I also agree that 'twisting and turning' is not only bad physically for backs but does little metaphorically for the good name of health and safety. That is why we at the Health and Safety Executive concentrate on reducing fatalities and serious injuries at work and absolutely refuse to join in the, to us, incomprehensible obsession with conkers!

Yours faithfully

Geoffrey Podger
Chief Executive
Health and Safety Executive
Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge
London SE 9H

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