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The Evening Standard, 'Don't let them shut the Tube' - Justin McCracken, HSE's Deputy Director-General responds

Evening Standard

Dear Letters Editor

Please find reply to comments in above article.

Simon Jenkins took an outrageous potshot at the Health and Safety Executive last week (Don’t let them shut the Tube, 3 February), suggesting that we look for every conceivable way of delaying work in the business world and making it more expensive. If he knew anything about the way we work with British industry, he would understand that our approach to health and safety goes hand in hand with good productivity; that the managements and staff of most UK companies respect the way we do our work and help them do theirs; and that many companies can demonstrate the savings they have made from introducing measures to avoid the steep costs and gruelling aftermath of a serious accident. Is he trying to suggest that, in a civilised society, abandonment of health and safety rules could be a measure of success?

Justin McCracken, Deputy Director General,

Health & Safety Executive

Updated 2013-01-23