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The Daily Mail, 'Boy in wheelchair is a 'safety hazard' - Timothy Walker, HSE's Director-General responds

The Editor
The Daily Mail
Northcliffe Road
2 Derry Street
W8 5TT

12 July 2005

Dear Sir

I can't help but feel that your report on a boy with a broken leg being banned from junior school (7 th July), which claimed that the Health and Safety Executive said that it was too dangerous for him to go back, was aimed simply at fuelling charges of nanny-statism. Not only was HSE not consulted, but the article completely omitted to mention that the boy is in a wheelchair with his leg outstretched in soft plaster. As the headteacher made clear in her statement, she was concerned that the boy could be injured further if he returned to school. She also said that once he has been fitted with a walking cast, he would be able to resume his lessons.

Yours faithfully

Timothy Walker

Director General, Health and Safety Executive
Updated 2013-01-23