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The Times, 'Safety goggles required when playing conkers' - Bill Callaghan, Chair, Health and Safety Commission responds

Letter to the Editor - The Times
Frank Furedi (Thunderer 5 October 2004)

5 October 2004


The suggestion that children should wear safety goggles whilst playing conkers is just the type of thing that gives sensible health and safety a bad name.

The issue of requiring Head Teachers to ensure children wear safety goggles whilst playing conkers is not something HSE would ever be involved in, the notion that HSE has inspectors monitoring playground activities across the country is nonsense. Obviously safety goggles are very important within the correct environment, for example, whilst using cutting equipment. HSE inspectors will be inspecting, where there is a real workplace risk, to ensure that these risks are managed effectively.

Chair, Health & Safety Commission

Updated 2013-01-23